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Ben miller 6 years ago
Weird ass tits, would still fuck em
Tech 6 years ago
God, this is old school! Remember watching this as a teen/ early twenties. Ah memories!
As for the white people comment, just LOL! Face it most shitskins are hideous and stupid to boot. Also the comments calling her ugly etc are hilarious. She's pretty trashy, dat tramp stamp, but like those guys would turn her down or could do better!
That little shit 10 years ago
He has an engagement ring on his finger...
Geirigio 6 years ago
Zipper against balls and stem
Boner 6 years ago
I think the guy that did her boob job had a bag over his head too. WTF? Refund.
Ralf 6 years ago
Dam the comments are funnier than ever, revange,? spelling stupid, complaints about her implants, for those FUCK YOU, ah dam, still laughing
SHEESH 6 years ago
14 million views bruh
E10puss 6 years ago
You morons! The ring is on the wrong fucking hand. Second finger on the left hand. Sheesh!
THE==IDer 7 years ago
Paris Kennedy is her name
Plank 8 years ago
She's such a good friend :)